Distribute random non-overlapping instances over mesh surface without any hassle.


Instances does not overlap with each other. Never, period.

One Generation at a time / Build from bottom up
Split your work to smaller pieces - instance objects in multiple generations.

Complete control
Use UV mapped black and white textures to control occurence, size and distance for each generation.

Edit result by hand
Remove unwanted using simple editing tools (circular brush, rectangle and single instance) and fill the space in a different way afterwards.

Preset Loading/Saving
Save your favourite settings as preset. Next time you choose your target, choose your preset, hit generate button and done.

Scatter anything
Use any object from library or from your scene by layers or selections. Adjust probability of occurence for each of them.

Model approximation
Choose between faster circle or better-fit convex hull approximation. Choose single-core to get best possible fit or multi-core to get it done in seconds.

Supported render engines
Natively supported render engines: built-in, VRay and more to come.. Apart from that, you can convert to mesh or real instances and then use any render engine you want.